Our SECUREDD portfolio solutions enable organizations of all sizes to transact business faster, easier, and more securely than ever before at a very low cost.

Worldwide our platform is used by companies, that want to transfer privacy sensitive information and data, compliant with all regulations for private secure communication and encrypted storage. All transactions are tracked. Our customers are individual users and mid/large sized companies, who send  information from their local PC-infrastructure or from dedicated document and information systems for bulk transfer. The components of the SECUREDD portfolio can be used as a single product or as an integrated total solution from two or more products. Management and procedures are based on ISO27001 and is offered on our SaaS platforms, located in different countries or as an on Premise solution.


SECUREDD eMail is a total solution for powerful email, with simple-to-use open tracking, activity journal, enhanced email encryption, electronic signatures, large file transfer functionality and more. All existing email solutions, like MS Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. are supported, for an easy to use experience by the recipient.



SECUREDD SSO (Single Sign On) occurs when a user logs in to one application module and is then signed in to other module automatically, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain the user is using. Standard pin options, 2FA is supported. In addition open SSO methods are integrated, based on Saml, like Swivel, DigiD and others.



Strengthen your customer relationship with innovative, digital value. Offer your customers direct delivery of financial documents in a highly secure digital vault, where they can also store personal files and passwords safely. Via tabs in the secure vault, your customers can easily connect to other systems and files, supported by our Single Sign On module.