Pondres is a service provider in unique and effective customer communication and distribution. We offer the best customer experience to our clients and their customers through customer-focused communication via the right channel and at the right time. Everything is completely tuned to the individual receiver. In addition, we provide catchy, personal fulfilment of goods and (digital) documents.


SSLP Group (SSLPost) are specialists in encryption technology. Their focus is to enable secure electronic delivery of business documentation in a cost effective, user friendly and environmentally responsible manner. Their solutions allow senders and recipients to exchange private and/or sensitive data without the need to purchase their own secure certificates to generate encryption keys. Protected by a European patent, our software is leading the way in the ePayslips market. SSLPost has a high pedigree team who strive to demystify the concept of encryption by providing easy to use, cost effective ePayslip solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and beyond.


Anoigo specializes in solutions of “identity management for Web applications. 
It allows companies, institutions and authorities to be able to personalize services to their customers. Anoigo uses standard solutions that can be tailored to any organization. Anoigo have thorough knowledge of all common goods and services in the field of Identity & Access. The company feels particularly at home in solutions based on open source.