Why should I use a SECUREDD partner?

The carefully selected partners of SECUREDD are qualified and well audited Dataprocessers for enterprise organisations.


Who are using SECUREDD solution?

Our customers are Government Departments, Insurers, Banks, Healthcare, Legal and Courier services.


How about compliance?

SECUREDD dataprocessing and storage are audited and in line with all the present European Laws concerning Confidentiality, Privacy and its Assurance levels like:

  • Data Protection Act
  • Privacy Act including Secure Cloud solutions

What services are offered?

  • Secure data transfer including e-mail notifications, called SECUREDD eMail
  • Secure vaults that can include for instance Large Dynamic Documents, called SECURED eSafe
  • Authentication solutions like DigiD, eHerkenning, IdenSys, IDIN, UZI pas and Biometrics, called SECUREDD SSO

Who will implement the SECUREDD solutions?

Our Partners will implement our solutions. They are qualified and audited Data Processing companies who process your data and connect the SECUREDD solutions to the Secure Cloud. We have partners that process your data via GMC Software, SAP HR, Oracle and other Document Management Systems.